The Center for Soulful Living (CSL) is a worldwide community dedicated to living every aspect of the human experience - the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical - in soul-centered and grace-filled ways. 

Our primary intention is to help you connect with your own inner wisdom, power and brilliance, and we want to be a source of ongoing connection and soul-based support for you.

The pages that follow will help you discover the vision of the Center for Soulful Living. They will also make it easy for you to learn about this soulful community and discover how CSL can assist you through its inspirational, transformational and educational offerings and activities.

   David W. Doner

Featured Event

a soulful ministry ordination retreat
with rev. dr. debbi brown adams

August 21-25, 2017
santa fe, new mexico

We all have a sacred calling in life and we express this calling in many different ways. The Center for Soulful Living offers a new paradigm of soulful ministry to help deepen and expand your spiritual practice and expression. 

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