The Center for Soulful Living (CSL) is an interconnected community of people dedicated to living every aspect of the human experience – the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – in soul-centered and grace-filled ways. We are open to all who share this perspective.

Those involved in the CSL community through its programs and informal gatherings feel an internal calling to embrace their soul-centered nature, experiencing and expressing love, power, wisdom and joy. CSL exists to create the spaces and opportunities to experience your soul's special wisdom and the genuine love that is your essence, and to express your singular, soulful nature within the world.

  • We help one another live in deepening connection with our souls by gathering as community in enlightening programs and informal fellowship.
  • We welcome the expanded freedom that soulful living provides.
  • We accept our soul needs and responsibilities.
  • We are an inclusive community that is open to anyone who feels personally called to soulful living.
  • We stand as a unifying, collective resource for the creation of a larger, soulful, loving community responsive to human and global needs. 

We welcome you with open arms and loving hearts to enjoy the growth, development and transformation that emerge when people intentionally gather together with loving attention to living from one’s soul. If you feel a longing for a fuller connection with your own soul and the soul of others, we invite you to come to an event or program or contact us at for additional information.


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