Extremely powerful, deeply transformative and absolutely magical! The group experience has provided me with a true spiritual family, a family that has held me in love and has assisted me in uncovering the layers so that I could see my own truth. I feel privileged to be part of a community that is here to inspire, assist and support each other in living from our deepest, most soulful place.
— Anita Vizcarra
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Why do I love coming to CSL events? Life is simply easier and more joy-filled. My friends exclaim that I am somehow more radiant and powerful!
— Jo Anne Smith
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One huge gift I appreciate is our quality of conversation. We easily get right to the deepest levels of what’s up for us and what we feel is called to be expressed in our lives at any given moment. In my experience the most honest, loving and helpful conversations happen here. I adore this community. It’s transformative.
— Faye Bates
CSL isn’t really about a practice or a paradigm or a teaching. CSL is about finding the God within you and living from your inspiration. It is about letting go of all values and beliefs. It is about community and the oneness we feel when we come together.
— Elise Fee
I have been with CSL since the onset. CSL has two distinct qualities for me. First, there is a deep, profound and unconditional love and regard we have for one another. Second is the sheer magic that expresses itself in different ways - in a language that we can all understand and the magic of presence that we experience.
— Sharon Johnson
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I have found the community very welcoming and receptive to whom I am as a human being. I love the focus on soul first and the energy generated when soul is the priority.
— Michael Powell
As I think of everyone in our community, I am reminded of the wonderful friendships and love I have received from everyone. The approach to spirituality has been wide enough and supported in CSL to include all the ways I look here and there, and peer under this rock and that rock as I try and find my way.
— Bill Wolf
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I have experienced many different teachers and processes prior to CSL. What Bill and the community brought into my life is this absence of process - distilling everything into a very simple knowing that there is nothing to learn or do. The empowerment of all of us as fully formed, beautiful souls and embracing the wisdom of ‘what is’ was transformative for me.
— Maria Hartrich
I experience an amazing state of grace.
— Doug Hubbell